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Sitters wanted for
all areas Australia
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Darwin, Canberra

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House Sitters

Sitters wanted for house and pet sitting
in all states of Australia

Find sitters available for home and pet sitting while you're away.
Have sitters look after your home, pets and gardens, collect the mail, and provide that lived-in appearance and home security as well as company for your four legged family members. House and pet sitters are available for all areas in Australia for short term and long term housesitting in
Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, and everywhere in-between.

New house and pet sitters may register for sitting, writing a little about themselves and why owners should select them ahead of others available -
one registration for as many areas as you like Australia-wide,
a great way to save on accommodation costs whether it's for travel or work
or simply as a means to save for your own home.

Hint - help your ad stand out from all the others.
Include a little about yourself & why owners should select you.
Any sitting experience or skills with pets or gardens will help owners to decide if you meet their needs when they pre-screen from the lists of registered sitters.

Many owners do prefer to use registered sitters so please write a little about what you have to offer in exchange for your free rent.

From sitters Australia and UK
Just letting you know the response we are having from people looking for reliable housesitters.
Since we placed our profile with you we've regularly had 1 or 2 emails or calls a day from people all over the country and also overseas offering to let us housesit for them. You have a great site that works.
Currently booked up until November....
Cheers Angela & Gary
Successful sitters London, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth
For holiday or work, Sydney is a beautiful location with lots to see and do.

House Sitting

Owners - Why use a housesitter?
Do you like putting your pets in kennels?
Will the lawn and garden be maintained?
Have sitters maintain that 'lived in' appearance, collect and forward your mail, walk and cuddle your dog and maintain your garden while you're away

Sitters - Why be a housesitter?
Home minding service = Free rent

From one to a few weeks = Cheap holiday
A few months = home renovation, work or study interstate
Six months to a year or more = Free rent or save for own home
For whatever reason, house and pet sitters can save $100's or even $1,000's by living rent free! - whilst providing a valuable service to the home owner!
Potential sitters should
register for house-sitting so owners know a little about you and can decide who will best meet their needs.
Only one registration required for all areas in Australia.

What is House and pet sitting and how to become a sitter-
House sitting questions and answers


House sitters Australia

Sitters available

  • House and pet sitters registered as available
    Registered sitters available to look after your home and pets, short term or long term, all areas, city or regional Australia.
    (Blue sections on each states page)
    Home owners may find sitters to mind your home or pets anywhere in Australia - simply scroll through the following directories until you find someone suitable to look after your home.
    Registered sitters available in
    Hobart, Launceston, etc.

    - Adelaide and all South Australia
    - Perth and all West Australia
    - Darwin and Northern Territory
    - Brisbane all suburbs
    - Queensland North & Central Qld, Sunshine & Gold coasts
    - Sydney all areas
    - New South Wales North NSW, South NSW, Western NSW
    - Melbourne all areas
    - Victoria North Victoria, East and West, all Victoria
    - Canberra and all ACT
    Owners looking for house or pet sitters will usually find someone suitable from these lists of registered sitters but are welcome to place a free sitters wanted ad if they wish.
  • To register as available for sitting anywhere in Australia
    House and pet sitting registration form

    Costs - One small fee $50- for ALL Australia for 12 months - less than $1- pw.
    Changes to your details are free at any time.
    We do operate on a non-refund basis once your details have been listed.
  • Why Register?
    Registering as available lets owners know who is actually available
    and gives sitters the opportunity to write a little about themselves and why the owners should select them.
    Many owners do prefer to use registered sitters and will pre-screen who they think will best meet their needs from the list of available sitters at the time they start looking.
House Sitters Wanted
  • Ads from owners looking for house and pet sitters
    Sitter wanted ads from owners needing someone to care for their home
    (Green sections on each states page)
    Sitters may view these wanted ads for vacant house minding jobs.
    Sitters Needed in
    - Hobart, Launceston and all Tasmania
    - Adelaide - and all South Australia
    - Perth - and all West Australia
    - Darwin - and All Northern Territory
    - Brisbane - and All Queensland
    - Sydney - and All New South Wales
    - Melbourne - and All Victoria
    - Canberra - and ACT
    This is Owners advertising they need a sitter.
  • Owners may place a FREE sitters wanted ad

Housesitting in tropical Australia
Home minding Article The Guardian, England
House minders Article The Irish Times
House carers interviewed - Extract from THE SUNDAY MAIL
For those who missed our few moments of fame - TV Video

Home and pet sitting on Facebook (HousePetSitting)
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House sitting Australia on Google Plus
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Google Plus - International - House sitting USA Europe UK Australia

Mobile: Google sites - Home sitting
and house and pet sitters

How House-sitting works

A comprehensive Question and Answer FAQ section where we've hopefully answered all your housesitting questions - if not, please do telephone or email.
We are real people happy to chat about your needs....

House and pet sitting
What is housesitting?
Who are house carers?
What do home minders do?
What about security and references?
How to find a sitter.
How to register as available.
How much does it cost?
How long before you get a house-sit?
How long do sits last?

Advice for carers from experienced home minders.
Long term carers pass on Hints for housesitters based on their experiences over many years all around Australia.

Housesitters Australia - Articles & Experiences
Many home owners and carers have forwarded their experiences, well worth reading should you be considering housesitting as a lifestyle choice or simply for a unique holiday experience.
Home minding in Italy,
12 months housesitting in Australia, two years all over Australia, International housesitters from South Africa to Scotland to USA, in Europe from Switzerland to Italy.
From a carer in Tasmania and Canberra to experiences in Sydney Australia.
Feedback from owners in Brisbane and Colorado USA as well as a sitter travelling from London to Montana Housesitting USA.
Sitters with
10 Years experience in UK, Europe, USA, Canada and also
House minding USA, Canada, Switzerland by international housesitters.
Three years sitting around Australia and House minding London where an Australian couple sat in London two years running.
Housesitters Australia and Denver, Colorado, USA.
House minding Western Australia - from both carers and home owners.
An Australian home owner reports on successful arrangements made for
home minders from UK to Australia.
Argentina and Australia - reflections on House minding by an experienced international traveller.
Over 4 years Housesitting New Zealand to Perth Australia and feedback from both owners and home minders on Housesitters New Zealand to Sydney.
Short notes from long term
Housesitter Australia.
12 months Housesitting France from Canada and also two family experiences  Home minding France, Italy - from Canada to France & Italy.
And finally, repeat sits New Zealand to Australia who have developed great friendships and more contacts than they can handle.

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individuals wanting to house-sit.
Anyone using our database as a mailing list or
for any other purpose will be considered to be
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and subject to Legal action accordingly.


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