About Us

Why be a House Sitter?

* Save by living rent free!

* Experience life in different suburbs, states and even countries

* Ideal situation while renovating or building your own home

* Enjoy taking care of other peoples animals

To get the best of your listing it’s advisable, as a sitter, to write an interesting and genuine sitter’s message which give the reader as much information about yourself and your suitability for looking after a home owners’s property and/or pets. Similarly, as a home owner, descripe your property, it’s location and your requirements of the sitter. Upload a photo as a way to stand out from the rest. Check out what others are saying in their listings for ideas.

HouseTravels.com does not disclose the names, addresses, email addresses, or any other private information of either party. Exercise your discretion to decide when to disclose personal information to each other.