Lighting tips

Some furnishing and lighting tips

The central idea behind furnishing is to make the house look more beautiful. Here are some steps to follow if you wish your furniture to do the talking for you.

  • Go for light furniture because you will be able to move them easily. This can help you keep the rooms clean and free of dust.
  • Use adequate lighting and see to it that your furnishings do not come in the way of the light. Formation of shadows can make the room look smaller than it is.
  • It is always good to have light colored decoration as they tend to reflect the light more than the darker hues. Of course, the dust is also more easily visible on the lighter colors. Cleaning them regularly should be the right thing to do.
  • Installing three or four lights that use less power is advantageous as compared to a single light that is more luminous. They can highlight the different areas of the room in a better manner.
  • Have light colored wall tiles in your bathrooms and toilets. They reflect light more and thus, you save on power consumption.
  • Having floor level lights in the rooms is also a great idea.
  • Install lighting arrangements inside the furniture. It will help you look for your items easily. You need not switch on the main light in the room for the purpose.
  • The LED lights are always the better option when compared to the others. They save power and do not pollute the environment as well.
  • Do not clutter your furniture at a single place. Leave adequate space between them to allow for easy movement.
  • You can make the small rooms look big and spacious with intelligent use of lighting.
  • Ensure your balconies have the right kind of lighting. You might spend time on them and have your dinner as well there.